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World’s best party food!

August 10, 2012
World’s best party food!

Alcohol infused goodies that are taking the culinary world by storm! 

Imagine this scene if you will. You are cutting a beautiful loaf of bread on your favorite cutting board, preparing yourself a lovely sandwich. At the end of the preparation, you decide to poor yourself a nice glass of red wine to accompany your meal. Well, have you ever thought of incorporating the alcohol to your sandwich? If you did, you’re too late, a restaurant in New York has already marketed the idea of alcohol infused sandwiches, and sandwiches are just the beginning. If you have a sweet tooth, you might be tempted to try alcohol infused cupcakes and whipped cream.

Alcohol infused sandwiches
Salumè, a small restaurant in New York City, recently made headlines by concocting an alcohol infused line of sandwiches that are all the rage in the Big Apple. If you’re thinking the meat is cooked in the alcohol and that it eventually evaporates, leaving only the flavor, think again. The meat of the sandwich is drizzled with spirits like whiskey, gin or scotch, to name a few. If the menu of the restaurant doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always ask for a couple of slices of meat soaked in alcohol to go and come up with your very own creations in your kitchen.

Alcoholic cupcakes
Using alcohol to bake is nothing new. In Washington, a restaurant by the name of PS 7’s pours one and half ounces of alcohol into each one of its cupcakes. No need to hit the town after having two of these babies. A serving of two cupcakes is the equivalent of one vodka martini. Amongst their most famous flavor combinations, you can find pumpkin walnut cupcakes baked with bourbon or apple spice cupcakes baked with Scotch.

Alcohol infused whipped cream
To continue in the line of alcohol infused sweets, a new brand of whipped cream simply known as CREAM, sells a line of whipped cream toppings that could actually get you drunk if you indulge a little too much on them. Coming in at a surprising 15% alcohol per serving, the toppings come in a variety of flavors like raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, cherry and caramel. It is suggested to use these creams as a topping for your favorite coffees or dessert and if you are feeling a little bold, you can even serve them on top of your favorite drinks like martinis or daiquiris.

So the next time you are in your kitchen, preparing a nice sandwich on your cutting board, you might be tempted to grab that bottle of wine and soak your turkey in it. Who knows, you might come up with an exquisite sandwich that belongs in five star restaurant. 


Remember, no matter what party or dinner you attend, alcohol consumption will surely take place there. We plead you to drink responsibly and use a designated driver

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