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Why Wood Cutting Boards Are the Best

December 10, 2013
Why Wood Cutting Boards Are the Best

Wood cutting boards are a kitchen staple. Without one, your counter gets dinged up and your knives quickly dull. Although there are numerous materials used to make cutting boards from, we still believe that wooden cutting boards are the best! Wood has many properties that make it ideal for use as a cutting board. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Wood is a natural product!

    Our maple cutting boards are manufactured using woods that would otherwise be scrapped or used as a composite for other wood-based products. Not that the wood is poor quality—on the contraire; we use high quality maple and walnut for all of our cutting boards. Because we use short pieces, we are able to use wood that is too small for other applications. We think that’s great for our environment, and great for reducing waste.
  2. Wood cutting boards are easy on your knives!

    Nothing will ruin a great knife faster than chopping on hard surfaces like glass or ceramics. Wood may become scarred over time, but it is very easy to maintain your wooden cutting board with a yearly sanding and frequent oiling.
  3. Wooden cutting boards can be customized.

    Our maple and walnut cutting boards can be laser engraved with a holiday message, your logo or other graphics to create a personalized gift or well-coordinated addition to your kitchen.
  4. Wood cutting boards just get better with time.

    Like many things, if you properly maintain it, your wooden cutting board will get better with time. Wood often darkens and takes on a rich tone with age. If you make a point of keeping your cutting board in good shape and oiling it frequently, it will look wonderful later on. Plus, things that stick around for years have great sentimental value later on.
  5. Wood cutting boards have natural anti-bacterial properties.

    Now don’t think this means you don’t need to wash it! You do, and when you wash it you must promptly dry it afterwards. But wood cutting boards do have natural antibacterial properties that make it safer than plastics. Plastics can harbor bacteria in the marks left behind by knives while wood actually resists and kill a percentage of them.
  6. Wood is beautiful.

    There really isn’t much than can compare to the natural charm and beauty of wood. It is simple, calming and fits in with any décor. If you have an eye for style, find creative ways to display your wooden cutting boards, rolling pins and other wooden kitchen accessories. They look great and make your kitchen warm and inviting.

When you order maple or walnut cutting boards from us we make sure that you’re happy. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product that you will be able to use for years to come. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your wood cutting board, we will replace it! No charge. Take a look at some of our favorite maple cutting boards here.

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