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Nutrition Month - Why it is great to be a Home Chef

March 02, 2017
Nutrition Month - Why it is great to be a Home Chef

Eating has definitely become a necessary accessory when it comes to socializing. If you think of it carefully, we can't really seem to hang out with friends and family without having a meal to enjoy together. We will often probably have a fast meal at a fast food joint or treat ourselves in a lavish restaurant, order take out or simply just choose to snack on hot dogs and popcorns at a movie theater. Sadly enough, most of the times we do not seem to comprehend the advantages cooking at home could have as in regards to our health.

Benefits of Being a Home Chef

  1. It is nutritious to cook at home.

One common thing about restaurants is the fact that they tend to be high in calories, sugar, fats, sodium and carbohydrates over and being likely to contain low nutrition. Cooking at home, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to decide what you deem necessary in your diet and the luxury of cutting out anything that seems not to be beneficial to you.

  1. Eating at home increases your knowledge of food

It is only through cooking that you will be able to learn what foods are high or low in vitamins, nutrients, and other minerals. This is vital information once you realize that food is much more than just great taste and filling your stomach. What's more, cooking your own food enhances your creativity in such a way that you can combine nutritious food to satisfy your appetite.

  1. Enables you to eat appropriate portions

Restaurants and fast foods often serve extremely large portions of food which may bring about a culture of overeating. In efforts to curb the temptation of overeating, you can choose to prepare your own meals at home while exercising portion control.

  1. Cooking at home builds healthy habits

It is only by cooking yourself that you can discover healthy recipes, learn more about food and have the rare opportunity to create and stick to your own meal plans.

  1. It is a food safety measure

Anything that comes into contact with your food can be a source of contamination and foodborne illness. Cutting boards are definitely not an exception. Take for instance cutting raw chicken on your wooden cutting board and then using the same cutting board to slice a tomato. It goes without saying that the bacteria from the chicken is bound to be transfered to the tomato. Cooking for yourself gives you an opportunity to pay close attention to not only the food but also the materials you are using to prepare the food. For instance, while preparing your meals you might realize that the wood cutting board has accumulated deep grooves from repeated use consequently requiring replacement. You are also able to ensure you clean and sanitize everything thoroughly before using it.

  1. Cooking at home saves you money

Frankly speaking, eating out is really expensive. If you consider how much money you will spend on purchasing groceries in contrast with how much you spend at a lavish restaurant, then you will want to consider going for the grocery option.

Benefits of Wooden Cutting Boards

  • The wooden cutting boards protect the knife from becoming dull.
  • Wood is biodegradable and renewable.
  • Wood cutting boards, unlike the plastic boards, do not harbor bacteria.

Cooking meals for yourself have vast benefits that will grant you in the long run. Before you step out to grab that take out next time, it is important to bear in mind the implications that it will have on your health and your wallet.

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