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What you should eat is in your blood

September 09, 2011
What you should eat is in your blood

What you should eat is in your blood:
You like to prepare meals and you try to eat healthy. You slice up plenty of meat and vegetables on your cutting board and you don’t really give your diet any second thought. Well, according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, you should eat the foods that are better suited to your blood type, assuming you know what your blood type is. According to Dr. D’Adamo’s book entitled Eat Right 4 Your Type, people with different blood types react to and digest food in different ways and he has devised 4 diet plans for each of the basic blood types.

Blood type 0:
People who have this blood type need to get plenty of exercise and they should avoid dairy products and foods that are composed of grains. The reason why they should stay away from these specific foods is that they gain more weight from the gluten contained in those products because of their blood type. Adding meat and fish to their diet along with doing lots of cardio exercise is the best way for them to remain healthy.

Blood type A:
People with type A blood should consider becoming vegetarians because they are prone to heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. What should be included in their diets are plenty of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. They should also limit their daily consumption of dairy products. Slow exercises like tai chi or yoga are the best ways for them to stay in shape.

Blood type B:
Blood type B is probably the easiest blood type to live with. According to Dr. D’Adamo, people with type B blood have strong digestive systems than can handle pretty much everything that is thrown at them. Still, he recommends that they avoid greasy meats like bacon and replace them with healthier choices like goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison. Moderate activities like swimming, cycling, biking and tennis are the exercises of choice for that blood type.

Blood Type AB:
Like the name of this type implies, this diet should combine elements found both in the type A and B diets respectively. AB blood is the newest type to appear on the evolutionary scale and it’s still biologically complex to understand. It’s recommend for people with this blood type to avoid caffeine and alcohol when they are under stress. They should also remove cured and smoked meats from their diet. Mixing and matching exercises from types A and B is plenty to keep these people healthy.

People always say “you are what you eat”, and that statement might be more truthful now than it’s ever been. Next time you need to give a blood sample to your doctor, you might want to consider asking them what you type is in order for you to eat the right foods that are better suited to your blood type.


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