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What to Know About your New Butcher Block

August 28, 2020
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Butcher blocks are practical and go well with any type of decor inside your kitchen. When you buy your beautifully engraved butcher block, here are a few important tips that you should keep in mind.

Taking Care of Your Board

Even though they look pretty, you should know that butcher blocks require some attention and maintenance. You should treat the surface of your board with mineral oil in order to maintain its natural look. This should be done every few months to help your butcher block withstand use.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

The natural type of wood will add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen and can help give it a more comfortable feel. Whether your style is modern or rustic, there’s a board out there for. A butcher block can help create a contrast in your décor.

Different Styles of Butcher Blocks

When buying a butcher block, you should know that there are two primary choices. You can opt either for the edge grain or the end grain. The difference between the two? End grain is made by gluing multiple pieces of wood together and cutting it to show the ends of the wood. Edge grain is made by doing the same but cutting along the edges. This creates two different styles of butcher blocks, both equally resistant as the other.

Proper Cleaning and Storing

Make sure you let your hardwood butcher block dry properly and store it in the right place. When wood comes in touch with water, it starts absorbing it very quickly. This can lead to built-up bacteria and warping. Leave your cutting board in an upright position to evenly dry and store it in a place that isn’t too humid, nor dry.

Ready to fall in love with your wood butcher block? Don’t forget to get it engraved to add an even more personalized touch to your kitchen today!

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