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What to Cook in October—Fresh Local Finds on Your Wooden Cutting Board

October 01, 2013
What to Cook in October—Fresh Local Finds on Your Wooden Cutting Board

October cooking. All about cozy and warm. Right? Maybe for some of us who find ourselves further north it is, but for those of you down south, perhaps something more local, something with a bit of punch and flair! Take a look at the links below (we’ve found one for each region of the USA) and click on the one that’s right for your area. Find out what’s in season and make a meal out of it!

Local, in-season produce is absolutely unbeatable in terms of flavor and nutritional content, so be sure to check out our past article about the best cooking methods to ensure you get the most out of your fresh –picked finds. And remember, when cooking up your October-feast; use the best in kitchen fare; like our high quality maple cutting boards, or our walnut cutting boards. We make cooking easy, order some today!


Standard Autumn Cooking

Of course, there are some pretty standard options for October cooking, so grab your wooden cutting boards, and let’s cook up a feast fit for a king!


APPLE PIE. Need we say more. Apples are simply divine when picked fresh in-season. If you have apple orchards nearby, take a trip and pick your own apples for a change. Kids will love this activity and even if you only want to pick enough for a couple of pies, you’ll find it hard to beat the satisfaction and flavor that comes from hand-picked apples.


PUMPKIN. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Pumpkin has to be one of the most versatile fruits (yes, it’s a fruit!) out there. Pumpkin is great served up as a delicious pie, in soups & chilies, broiled or grilled on its own as a side dish to more savory fare, or try roasting up the pumpkin seeds for a tasty little snack. Pumpkin seeds are very good for you, and when you roast them at home, you can season them any way you like. Take a look at these great recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds. Or try these yummy pumpkin recipes for a seasonal change in fare.


Halloween Calls for Some Creativity!

And of course, we can’t overlook Halloween. Even if you don’t go trick-or-treating, or even hand out candy; there are some fun and tasty treats you can cook up around Halloween time. More and more families are deciding to forgo the trick-or-treating as it becomes less and less safe. Try inviting your friends and family over for a nice dinner and after-party and skip running the gauntlet. Here’s a few ideas fresh off the press to try:

And remember, October is one of the best times of the year to get outside and enjoy the beautiful colors and fresh air. So pack up a lunch, your sweater and your favorite people and go for a picnic!

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