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What and What Not’s of the Dishwasher

May 29, 2015
What and What Not’s of the Dishwasher

A dishwasher comes in handy in the house, allowing you to clean up after meals quickly and without much effort. However, you are not exempted from doing some cleaning, as some utensils are not safe for putting in a dishwasher. While for some people this is a fact learnt the hard way, it is a mistake many people make every day.

Here is a brief guide on ten utensils you should never put in the dishwasher.

1. Knives

There are three things that may make a knife lose its shine or make the blade dull – washing with a dishwasher, storing it unsheathed, and sliding it on a cutting board as you chop.

The constant banging and the heat, coupled with the abrasive detergents may make the knives become dull or lose their edge. What’s more, the knife may pose a threat of cuts for the person unloading the dishwasher.

2. Crystal

It is common knowledge that crystal is delicate – the constant rocking and shaking of the utensils may make the crystal chip or even break, ultimately losing its good looks. For safety, clean the crystal by hand since it is smooth and easy to clean, and then wipe before storing in a safe place.

3. Gold-plated utensils

Unlike gold, gold-plating is only a thin layer that adds to a utensil’s elegance. However, this thin coating can easily chip away or lose its golden shine when dish washed owing to the abrasive detergents and the heat produced.

4. Cast iron

There are many restrictions when it comes to cleaning cast iron, but they cannot overshadow the benefits this incredible cooking material offers. The first rule is not to use soap – dishwashers use detergents.

Additionally, steel wool is discouraged, as it is too abrasive, and so is the constant rocking in dishwashers.

5. Non-stick pan

Unlike ordinary utensils, a non-stick pan comes with a special material that prevents sticking and in turn burning. As such, it is always recommended to check whether dishwashing is allowed to see whether it may cause harm to the material before putting it in the dishwasher.

Remember, not all brands use the same design or materials.

6. Plastics

Plastics are generally safe for cleaning with the dishwasher, and most manufacturers state this on the products. However, soft plastics and some types of hard plastics may be susceptible to bending owing to the pushing and shaking.

As such, check the product first to see whether dishwashing is allowed and even then place all plastics on the top rack, where it is safest.

7. Insulated mugs

Insulated mugs come with a vacuum space between the inner and outer surfaces, making it hard to lose heat. However, the pressure applied by the mug may make these two surfaces loose, allowing water to enter and fill the void and ultimately robbing the mug its essence.

8. Copper pans

Unlike most other hard metals, copper is sensitive, and utensils made from copper easily lose their color when dish-washed – always wash you copper pans by hand taking care to be gentle.

9. Disposable aluminium

Utensils made from disposable aluminium may develop marks and collect black residue when washed in the dishwasher.

10. Wooden cutting boards

Wood cutting boards are not only elegant but also convenient and safe for chopping, thanks to the gentle wood and convenient finishing. However, putting a wood cutting board in a dishwasher can ruin it, or even make it warp owing to the heat and force. As such, always wash it by hand and make sure you get the best quality cutting board for a smooth cutting experience.

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