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Ways to Recycle your Decorative Squash this Season

September 29, 2015
Ways to Recycle your Decorative Squash this Season

Autumn is a fun time when we have the chance to use squash in many imaginative ways, giving us the opportunity to let out our inner child. But the creativity doesn’t need to end there. You might be surprised to know that these fantastic squash can also be recycled in very creative ways as well.

Create Delicious Recipes

One of the best ways to use any squash is in cooking, baking especially. Create delicious homemade recipes from your leftover decorative squash. You should not cook with any squash that has been carved, so think ahead and decorate your squash in other ways; with paints, stick-ons or just plain ribbon! Squash is not fast to a perish and can be easily chopped on a large cutting board and cooked in order to be used in cookies, pies, cakes and loaves.

If you prefer to carve your pumpkin or squash, use parts of the inners to create fantastic dishes, such as broiling or drying the seeds to add to muffins or granolas.

  • Smash-em, with the use of a shovel and toss them into your compost pile, worm bin or garden to be used as a natural fertilizer. Without mentioning the possibility of having more squash come up the following year!
  • Be crafty, again! Add some string, a few skewers and some seeds to a small jack-o-lantern or gourd to make it into a bird feeder!
  • Feed the local creatures. Toss you mushy pumpkins and gourds in a near-by wooded area and let the squirrels, deer and other local mammals give it a taste.
  • Use the salvageable pieces to use in DIY skin and hair care.

Get Kids Involved!

Show them how to re-use and recycle. You might be surprised at how much fun you can really have with squash. If you want to get really creative, let the natural decomposing process occur and use it as a science experiment. Before you know it, you could be involved in a unique project that you had never even thought of.

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