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December 06, 2017
Christmas Tree Decorations, Christmas Decorations, Wood Tree Ornaments, Wood Cutting Boards

Get into the holiday spirit by giving your home a festive makeover before Christmas. Upgrade and fix those areas that have been neglected for so long and update your dishes and utensils in time for the Christmas meal. Consider investing in a personalized wood cutting board for adding style to the way you present your food. A novelty style cutting board would also make a chic Christmas gift for anyone who loves elegance.  

Being a versatile material, wood can be used in many ways. Little pieces of wood can be engraved and turned into beautiful ornaments and used as Christmas decorations. There are numerous other ways to add some grace to your home by adorning your Christmas tree in a unique and creative way. Whatever style you choose this year to embellish your tree, we have the perfect decoration ideas for you to try.

Classy Savvy

If you prefer a fancier, more professional look for a Christmas tree, use traditional jingle bells, silver ribbons and minimalist twinkling lights to do wonders. They brighten your tree in minutes in a very professional way. You can also use some red jute webbing to run down the tree along with glittery ornaments, to make your tree sparkle throughout the season. Perfect for both workplace and home.

White Christmas

If the décor or your room is more on the whiter side, a white or silver themed tree could add a touch of glamour to the place. Use snowflakes, cotton wool or even white mittens to your tree. If white isn’t your colour, mix it up with silver or a glittery red. Use gold ribbons, little golden stars and engraved wood tree ornaments to brighten it up. Decide on any colour you like or you could even go for multi-coloured decorations for your very own rainbow Christmas tree!

Cozy Home

For a more homey style tree, use little wooden toys, old-school or even homemade ornaments for your Christmas decorations. There are endless ideas for you to try if you’re up for creating homemade ornaments. Kids’ toys can often come in handy for this purpose. Personalise your tree by using scrabble tiles to spell out letters to display, recycled k-cups make perfect snowman hats or pick up some popsicle sticks to create cute little Santa’s sleighs.

The ideas are endless. Select your favourite style and channel your creativity to decorate your Christmas tree in a unique way this year. If you’re looking for ideas, or the perfect Christmas gifts to wrap and place under your tree, visit Wood Cutting Boards and shop for your favourite board today!

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