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Tricks to Keep Your Tank Full — Never Run out of Propane Again!

June 17, 2013
Tricks to Keep Your Tank Full — Never Run out of Propane Again!


There’s nothing worse than running out of propane halfway through your barbeque party. Leaving your food half-baked and your guests hungry, running on empty is not the way to a great grilling experience! Wood Cutting boards loves to BBQ! We’ve put together this quick guide to keeping tabs on your propane levels so you never run out.


Start your season on a full tank. Go to your gas station or wherever you prefer to have your tank filled and get it topped right up. That way you know you’re starting out on a full tank. Now is a great time to weigh your tank, so you know how much it weighs full...which is important for our next tip!


Weigh your tank. Look on the side, or sometimes the bottom; you will find the tare weight stamped on your propane tank. The number will read something like this: T18 or T15. That’s how much the tank weighs when empty. You can use your bathroom scale or any scale you have kickin’ around the house for this. After you’ve grilled a few times, or whenever you feel like checking, take your propane tank and weigh it. If you took the time to weigh your tank full, and you know the tare weight (weight when empty) you’ll easily be able to gauge how much gas is left.



Tare weight of tank= 18lbs.

Weight of tank when full= 30lbs.

Weight of tank when you measure= 23lbs


Subtract 18 (weight of tank) from 23 (weight of tank and remaining fuel) and you have 5 lbs of gas left....Better get the tank topped up!


Warm water trick. Another way to estimate how much propane is left in your tank is by using warm water. Disconnect your tank from the barbeque, and get a large glass of very warm water.  Let the water run down the side of your propane tank. Afterwards, you will be able to feel your tank with your hand, the area containing gas will feel cold, and the area that is empty will have warmed up from the water.


The best idea ever. Buy a tank gauge! These handy gadgets are great investment. Especially if you love to use the barbeque a lot. With these gauges you fill your tank up, mount the gauge under your BBQ where you place the tank, and hang the propane tank on it. You can instantly see the level of fuel as you use it drop, since the weight of your tank reflects the amount of fuel.

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