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5 Tips to Help Find the Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

December 04, 2015
Tips to Help Find the Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

Do you have trouble finding the right gifts during the holiday season? If so, you are not alone. Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list by using these five tips:

1.       Do some stalking

 That's right! Not sure what a specific friend would like? Ask around, visit their Facebook page to view what they’ve been liking lately, check out their Pinterest account or ask their spouse.

2.       Think of the past

If it’s for a longtime friend or family member, why not offer them something that will remind them of a great moment taken from the past? Perhaps enlarge and frame a photo of the whole family dating from many years back or on a specific family trip.

3.       Give them something to laugh about

Humor is always a winner. Does your mother like cats? How about a funny cat themed pillow, throw or t-shirt? A silly kitchen gadget such as a custom cutting board with a silly phrase or photo engraved could be a good option for a foodie in the family.

4.       Give a gift in their name

If you are buying for someone that seems to simply have everything, funding an event or giving to charity in their name could be great options.

5.       Find out what they need

A useful gift is always well appreciated. Maybe it is something they have put off buying for themselves due to cost.


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