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Tips for a healthy looking kitchen

November 08, 2016
Tips for a healthy looking kitchen

With the holidays right around the corner and all those invitations sent out, you’ve giving a good look at your kitchen wondering how the hell to rearrange that disaster. Well here are a few tips that can help you redesign or redecorate your kitchen without too much effort.

Tidy up

Everyone agrees on one thing when it comes to cooking, it’s so much easier in a clean kitchen. Most kitchens already have storage just about everywhere but it’s also the easiest room to add some too. An extra cabinet can make some space on your counters. A kitchen’s look usually depends on its elegance and its purified design. Bring in some document holders to put away your cutting boards or recipe books. Try to hide as many wires as you can by simply using power bar outlets in your drawers.

Make it practical

Even if you want the best looking kitchen, (the one that looks like a catalog add) you might want to remember what you’ll be using that room for. Have what you need the closest and what you use once a year a little further away. Have your cutting boards and knives close by and but the cutlery you use on special events away.

Add some texture

The modern kitchen look is easy to acquire. You need to simply add some texture and a pop of color. Mix patterns from brick, stone, wood and porcelain to bring out the industrial or the warm look of your home. If you’ve got a neutral toned kitchen, adding some greens on the window ledge can be a great touch. For a quick look change, try switching your cabinet handles. It’s an easy way to add some color or texture to an old kitchen.

Add a personal touch

Whether you love picture frames or wall posters you need to add a little personal touch to your kitchen. You can even get a personalized engraved cutting board to either display on the wall or to use on your kitchen island. That personal item will remind you who your cooking for and certainly to have fun while you’re at it.

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