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How to Throw a Winter BBQ This Year

October 06, 2017
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With winter creeping in around the corner, who says you need to put that barbecue away for the winter? We’ve put together 5 main pieces of equipment (besides an engraved cutting board) that turn into necessities when it comes to barbecuing once the snow falls. In this article, we’ll go over these 5 main ideas. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it so you can keep those guests warm and happy.

Charcoal Barbecue

What is a barbecue without a grill? Charcoal grills are made to withstand harsh weather more than a propane based barbecue. Just make sure to remember that the barbecue needs to be in a sturdy and secure place, if a gust of wind happens to knock it over, the hot coals could possibly fall and catch something on fire.

Winterized Heat-Resistant Gloves

Barbecuing involves a lot of handwork. With this being said, investing in a good pair of heat-resistant gloves that will help keep your hands, warm without catching on fire, might be a good plan.

Stormproof Lighter

Lighting that grill with those furious winter winds can be super tricky with a normal lighter at it’s best, so spending a little more on a stormproof lighter might be completely worth it and save you a lot of time. Stormproof lighters are made to withstand wind and most harsh weathers. In addition, when you’re not throwing a barbecue, you can always pack it up and take it with you on a trip.

Patio Heater or Outdoor Fireplace

A great way to welcome guests to your winter barbecue is by welcoming them into a heated area. Closing off a porch and throwing in a patio heater or an electric fireplace, made for outside, is the best way to start of your barbecue. Every guest fears being cold the whole barbecue, what better way to prove them wrong?

Outdoor Speakers

Although this isn’t a necessity, having outdoor speakers for an event like this can completely make or break the mood. If there isn’t much talking being done, you’ll want something to cut the dead silence.

Why give up that great charcoal grill taste just because there’s snow on the ground? There’s no better time to buy a barbecue than at the end of winter, so profit from the sales and get yourself a grill and throw the best winter BBQ that everyone will be talking about. All that’s missing is the perfect winter BBQ menu and some good drinks! Don’t forget to pick up a personalized engraved cutting board before the big day to ensure your meals are cut perfectly. Shop our online store today!

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