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These Kitchen Tools Nobody Can Live Without

August 06, 2014
These Kitchen Tools Nobody Can Live Without

Nobody can eat at the restaurant all the time. And most of us need to do some minimal cooking. No matter if your life is just beginning and you’re gathering all you need to move in a place of your own, trying to make wise choices to narrow down to the essentials you need to get, or if you cooked for a lifetime, there are some basic essentials you can’t live without, other than plates and pots and pans. Let’s look below at a few essentials often overlooked.

The Cutting Edge

When food grows in nature, it rarely comes in the right size. That is where knives come in!  Before you cook or mix anything, you need to cut stuff, or shred it with a grater, or crush it with a garlic press. Or you need to get it out of a can with a can opener. It is the first step! A wood cutting board is also needed to pair up with your knives, otherwise not only will you cut your food, you will also cut your work surface. And watch your fingers! You can look at our wooden cutting boards and butcher block boards selection and find the shape and size that best suits your needs.

The Utensils

The minute you enter in any kitchen supplies store, it is quite easy to get lost and overwhelmed among all the knick-knack and not so useful gadgets available. Personally, I would narrow down the required utensils to four basics that can take you a long way. First I’d go with wooden spoons. These are cheap and easy to find, and won’t scratch teflon pans or melt when forgotten in what you have simmering on your stovetop. Plus they won’t get too hot to touch too fast. Then, a spatula, to scrape off the pan anything that needs to be. To flip stuff over though, tongs are a better option. Choose silicone coated ones to use in your anti-adhesive pans. They are also great to serve spaghettis. The ice-cream fan I am couldn’t live without an ice-cream scoop, or portioning scoop. Many sizes are available; #24 is standard scoop size, which means about ¼ cup of ice cream per scoop. Go for an 18-/10 stainless steel one, disher style, with a device to help you get the content out of the scoop.  It is great to use when portioning cupcakes batter, as it will make them all the same size.

Putting Everything Together

There is no way to get around mixing bowls, measuring cups and a strainer (or colander). They will hold everything for you and allow you to combine your ingredients together. A freshly ground pepper from a pepper mill will enhance the flavor of many meals, and a timer will ensure that your recipe cooks for the right time.

Cooking is fun! You could also add a frilly apron to your gear for when things get messy….

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