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The Best Cutting Board Models

March 28, 2017
The Best Cutting Board Models

Cutting your meat and vegetables without a cutting board is like walking out of your house without shoes on. A wood cutting board is an essential appliance in every kitchen, it’s just as important as your pots and pans. It’s also a misconception that kitchen cutting boards are only made in one simple rectangular shape. On the contrary, they come in an array of shapes and sizes.

The Round Cutting Board

Round cutting boards are useful for presenting food on. Because of their appealing shape and formal appearance, they can be used for displaying food at dinner parties, or events where finger food is being served. The 13 inches round board is a great size for presenting your food on. It comes in three styles: walnut, cherry and maple.

The Fruit Tray

If you were serving a variety of fruits, cheeses and chutney's, then the wood cutting board with a juice groove would be an ideal choice. The groove around the edge will stop the juices from spilling over the board. This board works well as a cheese platter, because of the size and elegant shape. You can choose from maple and walnut wood depending on your taste.

The Novelty Board

The novelty boards make great gifts. There are a variety of designs from the romantic heart shaped board, to some quirky options like the moose or pig shaped board. The novelty boards come in an array of sizes and colors. They're great for mother’s day, Valentines Day or even for your mom’s birthday.

The Classic Board

Everybody should own at least one practical wooden cutting board. The classic rectangle shape is perfect for preparing your meals. The large rounded edge board is ideal for chopping up your vegetables and slicing meat. Wood harbours fewer bacteria than plastic cutting boards and they are easier to clean and maintain. Everyone needs a wood cutting board as chopping food on plates can damage them. Your board can be used for preparing and serving your food, so it’s definitely something worth investing in and taking care of.

Your cutting board is one of the most important pieces in your kitchen, so it’s worth shopping around the Wood Cutting Boards site to find your ideal board. With so many options you might even be tempted to get a few, as they all have different details and characteristics, which makes each one unique.

Wood Cutting Boards, your homegrown source for cutting boards and natural wood products.

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