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The baker's dozen kitchen essentials

August 08, 2010

When talking about kitchen essentials it seems only natural that the things that come to mind are likely influenced by what point we are in our life. The college student out on her own for the first time’s list of kitchen essentials is likely very different from the seasoned cook’s list. Whether a kitchen essentials list includes a kitchen cutting board, a wooden spoon or a pastry pan, the items on the kitchen essentials list, as well as the number of items, likely varies from one person to the next.

Just for a minute, sit back and think of your kitchen essentials list. For fun, try to limit you list to let’s say, thirteen, a baker’s dozen. What would your kitchen essentials list include? Think about it, thirteen items, that’s it. Would you have a luxurious mixer or would you opt for a handy wooden spoon?

Let me give it a try:

  1. A big chopping knife, the kind you can hack the chicken into quarters with or gently slice a roast.
  2. A paring knife; that unforgivingly sharp little knife that allows you to slice and dice anything from fruits and vegetables or even cut the tag off your daughter’s new jacket!
  3. A large non stick skillet, this is a kitchen essential I could never live without! Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be rolled out using this tool.
  4. Another large skillet; I cannot stand taking a bite into a maple syrup covered crêpe on Sunday morning to taste Saturday night’s tacos, yuck!! One skillet is used exclusively for grilled cheese, eggs, crêpes and hash browns while the other is used for everything else…stir fries, curried chicken, fried fish.
  5. A set of aluminum mixing bowls. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  6. A good rubber spatula; a wooden handle and firm rubber.
  7. A large wood cutting board.
  8. A carrot peeler; I hate peeling potatoes with my paring knife!
  9. A whisk as I don’t have time to haul out an electric mixer!
  10. A measuring cup
  11. A muffin mould, muffins are a perfect snack for toddlers.
  12. A large pan (at least 9” by 13” and 1” deep) for cooking everything from chicken to brownies.
  13. A saucepan set; small, medium and large, nothing else, nothing fancy.

So, did you manage to compile a list of 13 kitchen essentials? Not an easy task as it seems there is always something else that may be dear to us in order to make meal preparation more pleasant. If you are looking for a definite kitchen essential, contact Wood Cutting Boards, for quality kitchen cutting boards, visit Cutting Board USA, for quality kitchen cutting boards.

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