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Superfoods of 2016 that You’ll Need to Try

October 22, 2015
Superfoods of 2016 that You’ll Need to Try

The amazing benefits of superfoods are becoming a staple in every household. In 2015 two large contenders were kale and coconut oil, but what should we expect for 2016?

5 Top Superfoods Said to Make Their Mark in 2016

1.       Kelp

Kelp grows in the ocean and is loaded with good stuff. This green powerhouse is loaded with many minerals including calcium and vitamin K which are great bones and teeth. Some researchers suggest that kelp can even help fight off various forms of cancer. Add kelp to dishes such as soups, salads and smoothies to boost your fiber intake.

2.       Homemade bone broth

While homemade bone broth is not a new notion, it is now being recognized as a superfood. Many years ago, people used bone broth to add nutrition to their diets. Today, we are learning the benefits of bone broth include high levels of protein, magnesium, potassium and calcium. A cup of bone broth is said to help relieve insomnia and help prevent fatigue. Bone broth also promotes healthy hair and contains collagen, contributing to beautiful skin and nails.

3.       Maple water

Most of us have never heard of this new superfood. Maple water, which comes from the pure sap of the maple tree, is said to make a lot of buzz in 2016. Maple water is high in antioxidants and many of the essential minerals contributing to our health it also helps maintain blood sugar levels and promote proper thyroid function.

4.       Banana flour

Banana flour is produced from green bananas and can be added to smoothies and other dishes. The flour has the amazing ability to manage blood sugar levels which will help protect against diabetes.

5.       Kefir and fermented foods

Kefir is a fermented food product and contains gut healthy probiotics which will aid in digestion. It looks a lot like yogurt but contains absolutely no lactose and many more probiotics. This allows even those who cannot drink dairy to enjoy something similar. It has plenty of calcium and is great when added to a smoothie.

A home cooked meal made from some of these superfoods is the best way to enjoy them. Not only is it healthier but it makes food more fun. One tool that you are going to need prepare healthy meals from the comfort of your own home is a beautiful  maple cutting board. If you are in the market for a large cutting board, at Cutting Boards USA we have what you need! Offering you a high-quality, customizable product is what we do! 

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