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Stop Wasting Money! Tips To Make Food Taste Better And Last Longer

May 15, 2014
Stop Wasting Money! Tips To Make Food Taste Better And Last Longer

We all love to fill our kitchens with the freshest, healthiest foods – creating our own homemade masterpieces. But, while this economy is still struggling, it’s even more important to find ways to save money on your weekly grocery bill. This means learning a few tips to keep food fresher, make it taste better, and last a little longer.


Better Food Starts with Your Cutting Board

Most people equate better food with storage tips, but the type of cutting board you use makes a difference. Whether cutting fruit, vegetables, bread, poultry, or assorted other meats, wood cutting boards are a hands-down better choice. In fact, there was some speculation in the past that plastic may be better because it is not porous, leaving the less risk of harmful bacteria; however, it was proven untrue in multiple studies. In fact, wood cutting boards have shown to actually halt the growth of bacteria, as noted in the University of Wisconsin study which stated the following in its published results:

“The scientists found that three minutes after contaminating a board that 99.9 percent of the bacteria on wooden boards had died, while none of the bacteria died on plastic.”

Knowing this, think about how many times you’ve pre-cut food before you store it. Even with bleaching, plastic cutting boards still have many grooves cut into them over time, where bacteria can hide out and thrive – which means there is probably a good possibility of cross-contamination. This isn’t going to make your food taste better, or last longer.

So what kind of cutting board to you want to use? Cutting Boards USA thrives to bring you the best. Use a wood cutting board.


Extend Your Food’s Shelf Life With a Little Innovation

Every type of food fares better when stored properly – that’s why there are vented drawers at the bottom of your refrigerator. But it’s not just about humidity or temperature, the means in which a product is stored makes a difference, too. Here are a few examples:

  • Cottage cheese lasts longer when it’s flipped and stored upside down in its container.
  • Want your onions to last as long as 8 months? They may be stored in old pantyhose to keep them fresh. Just tie knots to keep the onions separated.
  • To keep asparagus fresh, treat it like a bouquet of flowers. Cut the bottoms off first on a wood cutting board, and then store upright in a glass of water. Cover with a plastic bag.
  • After cutting cheese, rub the cut side lightly with butter. This will prevent drying.
  • Make your berries last longer by treating them to a vinegar bath. You may use either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, simply mix one part of your choice with ten parts water. Drop those berries in and give them a gentle whirl, then drain, rinse and store them away in the refrigerator. You can get almost 2 weeks out of strawberries, and at least a week from raspberries and other similar berries.

Wrap it Up!

Who knew food could taste better simply by wrapping it up! Here are some tips to try the next time you use or purchase some of these items:

  • Wrap the crown of bananas with plastic wrap to keep them from turning brown too fast – and store them away from other fruits.
  • Cheese should never be wrapped in plastic. It’s better to wrap your cheese in cheese paper or wax paper (and then put is in a plastic baggie). Or, wrap your cheese in aluminum foil for maximum freshness if you don’t have those on hand.
  • When it comes to keeping guacamole or chopped avocado fresh, leave the pit in. Then just add a little olive oil or lemon juice and cover it tight with plastic to keep it from turning brown. No lemon or olive oil available? Try a light coat of cooking spray before covering.

Quick and Easy Taste Tips

  • Tame the strength of your diced or sliced raw onions by giving them a 15 minute soak in water. This will give your sandwiches or salads a little flavor without overwhelming the meal.
  • A red bell pepper with four bumps on the bottom is firmer and better suited for cooking, while a pepper with only three bumps tends to be sweeter and much more delicious when you're eating them raw.
  • Make your omelets or scrambled eggs extra creamy by adding a little sour cream or heavy cream to them. You may also beat in a little softened cream cheese for further richness.

It would be impossible to list all the ways to make your food taste better and last a little longer. But if you use just one of these tips today, be sure that it includes using a wood cutting board. After all, after learning some helpful tips to extend the flavor and length of your food’s life, the last thing you need is to get sick.  If you need to get yourself a new wooden cutting board, whether from the retail or wholesale side, check out Cutting Boards USA for their stunning and unique selections.

Wood Cutting Boards, your homegrown source for cutting boards and natural wood products.

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