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Simple, easy and tasty pumpkin seed recipe

October 21, 2011
Simple, easy and tasty pumpkin seed recipe

Growing up, I never really celebrated Halloween. I trick or treated a few times during my childhood, but I stopped doing it rather early. We never carved any pumpkins at my house either, so I never had much of chance to snack on pumpkin related treats. No more, I said to myself! This year, I’m cooking with pumpkins, and I’m going to start with the most basic recipe of all: pumpkin seeds.

Carving a pumpkin with your children is great family activity. Once the lantern has been carved on a cutting board to avoid ruining your table top or counter, you can use the leftovers to cook a wide variety of recipes, starting with the seeds.

1-Rinse the seeds
Rinse the seeds under cold water after you’ve taken them out of the pumpkin. While they are still wet, remove the pulp and the string from each seed. It will be easier if you do it now, before the pulp has time to dry.

2-Place them on a baking sheet
Form rows of seeds on a baking sheet that has been coated with a non-stick cooking spray. You can use oil if you want to, but that will boost the calorie count of your seeds once they are done.

3-Season them and get them reading for baking
Sprinkle the seeds with salt once they have been placed on the sheet. Bake them at 325 °F for 25 minutes, but don’t forget to turn them after 10 minutes to make sure that they bake evenly on each side.

4-Let them cool
Pumpkin seeds can last a long time once they have been baked. After they have cooled down, seal them in air tight container and you will be able to enjoy them for many weeks to come.

You can season your seeds with any type of spice you desire. If salty isn’t your favourite flavour, try sprinkling your seeds with cinnamon before you toss them in the oven. If you want something a little more out of the ordinary, create a seasoning by mixing Worcestershire sauce with brown sugar and a little hot pepper sauce to create a sweet and spicy flavour your friends and family will love.


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