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Serving Boards and Centerpieces

April 09, 2019
Serving Boards and Centerpieces

Featured among our hardwood cutting boards are serving boards that make perfect centerpieces. These decorative ideas can be used on all kinds of surfaces and contribute to a rustic wooden look that is both simple and unique. Here are a few inspirations to show you how you can repurpose a cutting board into a decorative item in your home.

Round Centerpieces

A round serving board is perfect for tables. Although this is an excellent addition to wedding ceremonies, it can also make for a casual centerpiece at home. Place it in the center of your table underneath other decorative items that you may have: a fruit basket, potpourri, candles and more. Remember that there’s always an engraving option if you have a desire to further custom and personalize your new decorative piece.

Uniquely Shaped

While most cutting boards are square and rectangular, discover the variety of boards to choose from when it comes to our novelty shaped hardwood cutting boards. While any serving board or centerpiece can be the same as any generic board, get creative with our several models to choose from. Serve your cheese and wine on our 3-piece puzzle piece shaped serving boards, or use our adorable heart shaped cutting boards as the perfect centerpiece. Opt for custom engraving to make your board truly unique.

A Practical Centerpiece

A wooden serving tray can be a practical centerpiece that has a specific use for you in your home. A good example of this is in your living room. With numerous TV controllers, books and your reading glasses living on your table, things tend to get cluttered. A good way to keep the things you love in the living room organized and tidy is by using a serving tray as a living room centerpiece. You can keep all these items in one place while being able to quickly remove them from the table if you need to.

Wooden cutting boards and serving trays make excellent centerpieces that are truly unique. Whether your needs are purely decorative or functional, these boards will surely satisfy. Discover our wide range of models and designs and choose the hardwood cutting board you love best.

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