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Secret to successful meal prep

November 02, 2010

Many experimented chefs will tell you that three quality knives and a wooden cutting board will ease the prep work for your Thanksgiving Day dinner for family and friends. Although selecting knives is a matter of personal choice, certain knives will allow you to accomplish multiple tasks.

Suggested kitchen knives

Chef’s knife

This wide knife, which narrows to a fine tip, is the most important knife; ideal for slicing, chopping and cutting, this knife is essential. Choose a chef’s knife with an 8 to 10 inch blade. Longer knives are easier to work as they provide more blade surface. Pay for a good quality chef’s knife as you will constantly be using it.

Utility knife or a paring knife

If you are not accustomed to it, you may initially find the utility knife a bit bulky, but with time, it will replace your paring knife. A 6 to 7 inch utility knife is a good choice. You will use it for everything from deboning chicken to more intricate work. If you covet your paring knife, opt for a 3 to 4 inch blade.

Serrated knife

This knife is perfect for slicing bread and bagels.

Quality kitchen knife characteristics

The three items that distinguish a quality knife from an ordinary knife are the quality of the steel, the handle and the weighting.


High carbon, non-stain steel is the best. Although stainless steel looks nice and shiny, it does not sharpen well and will not last. Non-stain steel knives should be hand washed then dried thoroughly as they can rust. This type of steel can be sharpened at home to keep up the knife’s cutting capability.


It is important to individually select your knives. A handle that is too big or small will make for an awkward grip and reduce fluidity of movement. A comfortable grip allows you to use the knife for long periods of time.


The weight distribution of the knife, as opposed to the weight itself, is the key factor. Lighter is not necessarily better! In longer knives the weight of the blade and handle should be similar. In a shorter knife, additional weight is in the handle.

Take note that quality knives are essentially made up of two parts: the blade and the handle. In a good quality knife you should be able to see the blade from the tip all the way through the handle.

In order to compliment your quality knife purchase, choose a hardwood cutting board. A wood cutting board has many advantages over plastic or glass cutting boards. Wood cutting boards will not dull your knives, as well, a wood cutting board provides you with a non-slip cutting surface.

So, after purchasing your kitchen knives, be sure to visit Cutting Board USA to purchase a rectangular cutting board. Whether you are looking for a large cutting board, a round cutting board, or a puzzle shaped cutting board, our maple or walnut cutting boards will make your your prep time enjoyable and efficient.



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