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Rocking Ramen Recipes – The Latest Cookery Trend!

July 07, 2015
Ramen burger, pizza, ice cream

Healthy eating has become a buzz word when it comes to cookery in these modern times, but sometimes we all crave something just a little bit naughty. Ramen noodles are generally considered to be pretty basic student fare; however we've found a whole host of ramen recipes that make you think again! See if you are inspired to cook any of these unusual dishes!

The Ramen Burger

This crazy menu idea fuses east and west in a way that makes the most of both cultures. Prime beef patty and fresh vegetables are wedged in between two "buns" that are made from cooked and molded Ramen noodles with a tasty soy sauce topping. Bizarre, but apparently delicious!

Ramen Ice Cream Sandwich

We're pretty sure that you've never considered Ramen noodles as a dessert option before, but this unusual sweet recipe turns your usual conceptions on their head. It involves taking two uncooked noodle bricks, dipping them in chocolate, and then using them to sandwich a scoop of ice cream as an unconventional alternative to the traditional wafer!

Ramen Donuts

While we're on a dessert theme, why not try Ramen donuts? Officially known as Ramnuts, you need six whole packs of noodles combined with horchata and eggs to make this unusual delicacy. You can even top them with frosting or add custard fillings!

Ramen Pizza

For an unusual blend of Japanese and Italian cuisine, why not try a pizza that uses cooked Ramen noodles that are fried in a skillet to form a pizza crust? You can add standard tomato and cheese as well as other tasty toppings. Although this is surprisingly easy to make, it's probably never going to feature on the Domino's Pizza menu!

Luckily, for everyone who loves Ramen noodles but would prefer healthier choices, there are plenty of tasty dishes that you can choose from.

Peanut Chicken Noodle Soup

This is another fusion dish, this time combining the best of Thai and Japanese flavors. Chop fresh vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers and sweet potatoes and cook together with diced chicken and a spoonful of delicious peanut butter for a filling and tasty meal that won't pile on the pounds.

Ramen Chicken Wraps

This amazingly simple yet delicious recipe uses collard greens to wrap your food rather than flour tortillas. This makes them much healthier but adds considerably to the flavor. Simply fry boiled Ramen noodles and sliced chicken with chopped vegetables and add a honey and soy sauce for a fun to eat entree.


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