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Puzzle cutting board: Collectable or collector’s item?

December 10, 2010

As kids it seems that we all go through a collecting phase, whether it is butterflies caught during the summer or that stamp collection that your grandmother generously donated to every year on your birthday. As adults, many people continue to collect various items, some for the love of the item, for the challenge of finding that rare gem, and others, in the hopes of maybe making a profit. Regardless whether your penchant is for vinyl records or vintage wood cutting boards, collecting is a passion.


Collectible (or collectable)

Collectibles are items that are manufactured with the goal of people buying them to collect. Such items include limited edition Christmas items or hockey cards. These items differ from other objects that people tend to collect such as natural objects (e.g.: butterflies, shells) or things that are manufactured for a specific purpose such as stamps or coins. Certain items that are originally manufactured for one purpose can actually become so popular that they will eventually be marketed as collectibles (e.g.: Toy Story figurines).

Collector’s items

By accident, certain objects will become much sought after by collectors due to their rare or unique qualities. These items are often a result of a mistake, either human or manufacturing errors. Such collector items include coins or stamps with misprinted information that have been inadvertently released to the public.

Popular collectables

It seems that certain items are inevitably collectibles. Some of these items include:

  • Stamps
    If you think about it, chances are you know someone who collects stamps. Whether it was the Christmas collection or the Olympic collection, think about it, I am convinced you will find a stamp collector!
  • Cutting boards
    Whether you inherited a few vintage wood cutting boards from your grandmother and decided to seek out more old cutting boards to add to the collection, or perhaps you have a fondness for unique decorative cutting boards such as an apple shaped cutting board or a cow shaped cutting board?
  • Christmas items
    Every year, the Thomas Kinkade Company releases a limited edition Christmas collectible. A minutely detailed light up Christmas tree with Santa and his reindeers flying off the top or a one of a kind tree ornament. They are sold for a limited time, once a year, to ensure that the demand is high!
  • LPs
    Vinyl records…the complete albums or the singles, what is your preference? Or do you simply seek out the classics such as Elvis, Buddy Holly or Johnny Cash?
  • Puzzles
    Maybe your weakness is puzzles. Wood puzzles, puzzles picturing the Eifel Tower or farm scenes. Maybe you just like anything that is shaped like a puzzle, but that is not really a table puzzle? Items such as puzzle flooring for the basement or a puzzle cutting board are what you covet.

Regardless of the nature of the items, collectors love the challenge of the search. Whether it is through the convenience of the Internet or the perseverance of attending numerous garage sales, the satisfaction of the find, that pig shaped cutting board or a Buzz Lightyear in his original packaging, collectors everywhere love their collectibles! If you are seeking out a decorative wood cutting board, visit CuttingBoardUSA. We offer quality maple and walnut cutting boards in many shapes and sizes.

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