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Preparing for your Garden in 5 Simple Steps

April 04, 2018
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With Spring slowly creeping up, most of us are dreaming about getting our hands dirty in our gardens this summer. One of the most common mistakes a gardener makes is waiting until it’s too late, meaning that this the best time of the year to get your plants sprouted and ready for when the sun finally comes out. Make sure you’re putting fresh produce on the table this summer with these 5 simple steps to preparing and transplanting your vegetable plants!

Getting Yourself Prepared

While many think that planting a garden is simply putting seeds in soil and ensuring it gets enough water and sunlight, there is a lot more thought that goes into a successful harvest. From the time spent on preparing to any of the products you use, there are several things that can disrupt the outcome of your plants besides the weather forecast. Here are a few easy steps to get you on your way to eating healthy produce you’ve grown yourself this summer.

1. Get Germinating

Germination is also known as the process of a seed becoming a plant based on certain environmental conditions. Always make sure to research the type of seed you are germinating as each plant has their own specifications, usually the package will come with directions. Easier vegetables to germinate would include beans, broccoli, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

2. Get Composting

As we all know, compost creates an amazing fertilizer for your plants using decomposed waste. Before spending your entire gardening budget on fertilizers and growth aiding products, consider using decomposable waste you would normally throw in the garbage first.

3. Get Transplanting

Transplanting is the most important step in your journey to gardening as it determines the outcome of your produce. From weather conditions to shaking hands, there are many things that can go wrong during this stage.

4. Get Ready

Making sure you’re completely ready when that perfect transplanting day gets here will help with the success of your project. Make sure everything, from your shears and shovel to your watering can, is in working condition. Consider investing in an automated watering system to ensure a watering routine.

5. Get Inspired

There are many ways to inspire yourself into gardening. Whether it be by looking at beautiful garden layouts, incredible DIY gardening hacks or even just delicious looking recipes, there are many platforms, programs and websites available to your disposal to get you into the gardening mood!

Everything About Transplanting

We all know that plants are living things and need both water and sunlight to grow. What most forget is that a lot of seeds are better off sprouting indoors and then being placed in a permanent location in your garden. While transplanting sounds easy, you simply transfer your plant from a pot to the ground, there are many things that can quickly go wrong. A few simple tips to help ease your transplantation process would include:

  • Deep soak the plants first to ensure that you don’t tear any of the roots while removing it from its pot.
  • Transplant during a cloudy day or later in the evening to avoid shocking the plant and to allow it time to settle into its new home.
  • Never leave the roots exposed. Harsh weather or potential accidents can ruin the roots and kill your plant.
  • Try to shield your plant from direct sunlight for the first few days after transplanting to avoid overwhelming or shocking the plant.

To learn more about transplanting, check out this fascinating article.

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