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Perfect Plate Presentation

July 04, 2018
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Making your meal deliciously visual.

Whether you are running a restaurant or simply serving dinner to family and friends, plate presentation is as important as the dish that comes with it. After all, meals are conditioned to be eaten with the eyes first, so much so that an ugly presentation can spell disaster for any dish. If you want your place to be known as the kitchen serving great food and an even greater presentation, here are the tips you need to keep in mind when feeding your hungry guests.

Perfect Plate Presentation Basics

A beautiful dish presentation can improve the enjoyment of your dish. In order to achieve this, you need to remember the following key plating basics.

Food Placement

Picture your plate as a standard clock. The main protein should be placed between 3 and 9, while starch sources should be placed between 9 and 12. Vegetables and other sides, on the other hand, should be located between 12 and 3.

Showcase the Main Ingredient

The spotlight should be on the main ingredient, bringing the most attention the part of the dish that brings the most flavor. As such, it should take the most space on the plate.


Make sure that one side is not heavier or in larger proportion compared to the other. Having equal portions or balanced portions can be the easiest way to make your dish look presentable.

Contrast colors and shapes

To make the plate more interesting, work with complementary shades or focus on one bright burst of color! As well, shaping your food to fit perfectly together can help make the dish look more balanced.


The simpler the presentation, the better. Avoid sensory overload to ensure not to overwhelm your guests!

Plate Sizing

Choose a plate that fits the dish. Having empty areas can be just as bad as overloading the plate. Make sure to choose a size that will complement the meal.

Make It Stand Out with Wood Cutting Boards

If you want to have a unique dish signature, make it a point to place your dish on wood serving trays. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be perfect when it comes to plating. Here at Wood Cutting Boards, we offer a wide range of designs that can be customized and engraved according to your specifications. They can also be bought in bulk, which means more savings for your home or restaurant!

Creating the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is not just about throwing every kind of meat on your personalized wood cutting boards. If you want to create a charcuterie dish that really stands out, keep the following tips in mind.

Prosciutto is Prime

Prosciutto should be the main feature on your wood serving tray. Make sure to flank your prosciutto with a good balance of crudo (raw) and cotto (cooked) meats. This will balance the flavors of the meats on the plate.

Go for Diversity

Presenting different textures and flavors are vital for the success of your charcuterie presentation. Serve thin prosciutto alongside thick cuts of mortadella. Add spicy sopressata for a plate that covers different tastes and textures.  

Balance is key

If your wooden boards are filled with salty meats, make sure to add accoutrements that will cleanse the palate. Good examples include mustard fruits, tomatoes, cheese and crackers.

Start Plating Today

The best way to start is by practicing, and practice always makes perfect. To get started, visit our products page now and select your favorite board from our many wood types, models and designs. Make it even more special with a personalized engraving of your choice. Contact us today to get started!

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