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New Year, New Cutting Board

January 19, 2021
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Is your cutting board starting to crack, warp or show signs of damage? It might be time to consider retiring your old one and getting a new one. It is important to change your cutting board once they start showing cracks or other damage to avoid bacteria from growing and spreading. Make sure to consider your needs and daily routine before making a decision, simple tasks don’t need to be made harder. Following are things to think of before making your final decision.

Hardwood Cutting Boards

When it comes to choosing the type of board you want, hardwood is the way to go. Plastic cutting boards trap bacteria and increases the chance of cross-contamination. Marble and ceramic boards are rough on knives and can cause more damage.

Hardwood cutting boards decrease the number of bacteria left once washed, are gentle on knives and have a longer lifespan. With the choice of several different species, we highly suggest Maple, Walnut or Cherry wood. They are durable and last, and they engrave beautifully.


Choosing the right size of cutting board for your kitchen can make all the difference. While a butcher block is harder to clean and maintain, it makes up for being easy to use and the space it provides. A butcher block is usually stored on your counter for accessibility and creates a stunning addition to your kitchen.

If you’re not looking for a big cutting board, you should ultimately have 3 for different items to prevent cross-contamination. We offer several different models to fit your style and they can all be personalized with a name, monogram or image. Consider trying each species, walnut for meat, cherry for vegetables and maple for fruits.

While searching for the perfect cutting board, make sure you remember to take care of it to help expand their longevity. Check out our care page for more information!

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