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Mother’s Day Ideas

April 30, 2018
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, providing the perfect opportunity to show all the moms in your life how much they mean to you. Whether you are shopping for a wife, mother, mother-in-law or any other woman with a child, finding a gift that seems personal, unique and fully shows your appreciation can become stressful. This year, save yourself from the stress with these great ways to show they are appreciated, including gestures and unique gifts.

Telling Her You Care

It’s not just about a gift, although it’s always nice, but about the thought of letting them know you appreciate all they have done instead. Go visit the moms in your life, pick up the phone and call them or send them a thoughtful email, here are a few ideas of things you could possibly say:

  • The easiest, yet sometimes most effective, way would be by simply telling her you love her.
  • Tell her something specific she has done for you that you appreciated.
  • Dedicate a song to her on the radio.
  • Reach out unexpectedly – in the middle of the day, during the week, anytime that differs from when you usually talk so they know you’re going out of your way to appreciate them.

Showing Her You Care

If you want to do more than show them with words, here are some great ideas to physically show your affection:

  • Play handyman for an afternoon and offer to fix any problems in their home.
  • Wash their car for.
  • Invite them over for a home cooked meal.
  • Clean the house when she’s not expecting it.

Perfect Mother’s Day Recipes

Chocolate Pecan Pancakes

Even breakfast deserves to lean towards the sweeter side every once in a while. Pairing perfectly together, the pecans give this chocolate pancake the extra depth it was missing.

Baja Salad

Stop making the classic green garden salads and start mixing it up with this amazing Baja Salad recipe, mixing the perfect parts of tacos and salads into the same bowl!

Summer Pesto Pasta

Keep things light yet filling with this perfect pasta dish, ready in only 30 minutes!

Cannoli Cheesecake

The best way to end any Mother’s Day meal, this Cannoli Cheesecake recipe brings together the best of both desserts.

Although not the most important part, a gift is still appreciated by all. One creative idea is to get her a personalization items that she will use frequently.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Whether it’s making lunches for school, cooking a holiday meal or preparing dinner every night for their loved ones, moms spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. Personalized wood cutting boards are a wonderful gift idea that is both thoughtful and functional. High quality cutting boards are one of the most used items in the kitchen. This year, give her a wooden cutting board engraved with the family name, her name or her favorite quote. Take it a step further and have a picture of the children’s handprints engraved right on the front for an extra special, sentimental gift

Here at Wood Cutting Boards, we have a wide range of high quality wooden cutting boards, serving trays and butcher block boards. Available in both standard rectangular shapes or something more unique such as a heart or moose shaped board, you can have them engraved to tell the moms in your life just how much you care. Visit our website today to see the products available and get your order in before Mother’s Day!


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