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Laser engraved cutting boards to promote your company

November 11, 2010

Have you ever gone to a company golf tournament or a Christmas party only to walk away with a freebie that was so great that you wondered why you never thought of such a wonderful idea? Surely you have felt the complete opposite as well; trying to locate the nearest garbage can in order to toss the free thingamajig that was generously handed out.

As a business, if you are going to spend money on giveaways and have your company’s name and logo associated to an item, make sure that the gift is not only original, but practical as well.

Whether you are looking gift basket ideas or items to give clients for whom you have completed a kitchen remodel or a hardwood flooring job, finding the perfect giveaway to properly reflect your business’ quality and professionalism is not always easy.

A top quality product that can be personalized with your company name, logo or contact information can be the perfect marketing and advertising means to attract more business and to solicit interest and inquiries. Promotional giveaways are not only a way to say “Thanks for being our customer”, but they are also a way to gain exposure for your company logo and to get your company name out there in an original fashion.

For instance: a quality maple laser engraved cutting board with your company name or logo is not only a lasting gift, but it will likely end up being used on a daily basis. With the holidays around the corner, it might be a good time to have promotions in your kitchen accessory store, hardwood flooring manufacturer or puzzle shop. “Purchase more than 100$ in kitchen knives and get a novelty shaped cutting board”; “Order your wood flooring today and receive a free maple wood cutting board; “Buy three puzzles and receive a puzzle shaped cutting board.” According to many surveys, the cost of acquiring new customers can be as much as eight times more than the cost of keeping existing ones.

If you are interested in acquiring quality wood cutting boards that are manufactured in the USA, Cutting Board USA can provide you with hardwood cutting boards that are sure to delight your customers. We offer maple or walnut cutting boards in a variety of shapes and sizes (round cutting boards and decorative novelty cow shaped cutting board), from traditional to decorative cutting boards, small to large wooden cutting boards.

Our wooden cutting boards are both attractive and functional and can be personalized by laser engraving them with your company name, logo or motto. Create a unique and everlasting gift that customers will remember: laser engraved wood cutting boards. Inquire about the prices of our wholesale wood cutting boards and custom cutting boards. Contact Cutting Boards USA about our custom wood cutting boards.


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