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Indulgent Ideas for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

February 02, 2017
Indulgent Ideas for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

This valentine’s day create a special treat for your loved ones; from tarts to cakes, it’s the occasion for sharing. Why not whip up some extravagant recipes, or if you prefer to keep it simple we also have some great easy-to-make ideas too.

Treats for Two

Individual desserts are a great way to top off a meal. Be a little imaginative and make your dessert in a jar, mug or even a cocktail glass for an elegant finish. Our favorite individual dessert is the strawberry trifle; it only requires 10 minutes prep time and uses simple, easy to source ingredients as well as household appliances such as a cutting board and whisker. Below are some more ideas for singular desserts.

  • Tiramisu is an Italian classic, try an original spin on this and make strawberry tiramisu.
  • If you’re a chocolate lover then try a rich mouse with multiple layers
  • One of the fastest recipes to make is the ice cream sundae; layer different flavors and decorate with berries and nuts. Finish off this delectable dessert with chocolate or strawberry sauce.
  • Surprise your partner with something unexpected like a salted caramel pot combined with chocolate.

Family-Friendly Desserts

If you’re cooking for your family this Valentine's day then there are lots of options for everyone to enjoy. The most obvious choice would probably be baking a cake. There are numerous cakes from household favorites like chocolate cake, sponge cake and carrot cake. But the perfect choice for this occasion is the red velvet cake. Its color and indulgent flavor will be an instant hit at home. If you’re looking for some unusual cake ideas then we have some other suggestions.

  • If your family are fans of meringues then create a visual treat by making a pavlova cake and decorating it with red fruits and cream.
  • If you’re a fruit lover then a quirky idea is to slice your desired fruits on a cutting board and arrange them neatly, then place a pot of cream or chocolate on the side.
  • A Black Forest gateau is a cake that’s aesthetically pleasing and combines chocolate, cream and cherries for a mouth-watering combination.

Little Bites and Finger Food

One of the best ways to create an alternative to a traditional dessert is by presenting finger foods. Small bites ensure there’s enough for your family or just enough for two. If you prefer savoury to sweet, then creating a cheese platter may be a perfect alternative. Lay out your cheeses on a wood cutting board such as the many options from Cutting Boards USA. Pick out a novelty board like the round version or one with a handle for a great Valentine's Day presentation. There are multiple variations of desserts or little bites that you can choose from.

  • Mini éclairs are a delicious option if you like choux pastry.
  • Make small sweet or savoury pies or if you're feeling adventurous then bake a few batches using different fillings.
  • Fruit tarts are a popular mini dessert; decorate yours with heart-shaped strawberries for a romantic theme.

Whatever your plans are this Valentine's day, make it a special day by creating a memorable meal, or spend some quality time together by making one of our suggestions.

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