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Important things that you should know about butcher blocks

December 17, 2019
Important things that you should know about butcher blocks

Butcher blocks are for sure beautiful and they go well with any type of decor inside your kitchen, but before getting one, we have prepared a couple of important tips that you should know about them. 


You have to take a good care of your butcher block.

Even though they look pretty, you should know that butcher block require a lot of attention and maintenance, much more than the ones that are made of marble or stone. You must treat the surface of your board with mineral oil in order to maintain its natural look. You should perform this form of board maintenance at least once a year.


Butcher Blocks Warm Up Your Kitchen

The natural type of wood will add that pleasant warm feeling to any kitchen and it will for sure help you make it feel more comfortable for use. Even though you are more for the modern-looking kitchen, just by adding a butcher board in it can add a contrast that is definitely on trend even today. 


Different Styles of Butcher Blocks

When buying a butcher block, you should know that there are two primary choices, you can go either with the edge grain or the end grain. Now you are probably asking yourself the big difference between them, well, the end grain is more expensive, but we assure you it also lasts longer; While the edge grain show marks of usage more easily. Also, there is a big selection of the type of wood from which you can get your board (maple, cherry, and many more). Look at this article to know more about their differences: https://bit.ly/2H66YQ5.


Be Careful with Water and Heat

It can be very risky if you are not careful and you place your butcher board right next to your stove or even the kitchen sink. When wood comes in touch with water, it starts absorbing liquid very quickly and that can lead to mould. Not to mention, if you spill coffee on it, then there is a high chance of leaving a permanent mark on it because of the board’s porous nature.


When it comes to stove, well heat can not only burn your butcher board, but it can also cause it to crack or form the bubbles on the top of it which will make it much harder for further use. So, even though you get yourself a wooden board because it is very durable, you should always be extra careful and make sure that you handle it with extra care and level of cautiousness. 


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