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How to shake or stir the perfect summer cocktail

July 16, 2012
How to shake or stir the perfect summer cocktail

There is no doubt it, summer is the perfect time of the year for anyone who loves to entertain and throw dinner parties on their patio! Nothing beats a nice day by the pool, some entrees served on a lovely wood cutting board and the promise of a barbecued meal at the end of the day. But wait, there is something missing in this scenario. The drinks! You can’t have a dinner party without some kind of cocktail!

Here are a few ideas and guidelines to help keep your guests cool at your next dinner party.


Always consider what type of food you will be serving with the selected beverages
Chips and nuts go great with iced tea or fruit juice, but if you plan on serving clams or a nice juicy steak, you might want to select something a little more dignified to accompany the meal.


Try to add fruit whenever you can
Keeping your guests happy by serving them a little alcohol is nice, but it’s also important to quench their thirsts as well. Nothing beats the hydrating power than is provided by lemon, lime or sugar, so try to add these ingredients to your drinks whenever you can. You don’t have to whip out your old cocktail card in order to serve something fancy. Add a little bit of lime, orange and lemon slices to some bottled sangria or serve some chilled champagne with orange juice. It can be as simple as that.


It doesn’t have to be complex
The best summer drinks are composed of two or three ingredients. Everything has to be blended in perfectly so that no flavor completely overpowers the other. Like we mentioned before, it’s always a good idea to throw in some fruits with your drinks, but try to pick fruits that are in season like strawberries. You can also add a little spice to the mix by adding a little mint to your drinks. Minty Mojitos have become a very popular drink on the terraces lately. Cool, minty and refreshing, it is the perfect drink to sip lightly with a group of friends during summer!


Of course, don’t forget your classics. Beer is the summer drink of choice for many people. However, beer doesn’t have to be plain. There are plenty of beer cocktails that are easy to realise and will leave your guest asking for more as soon as they finish their mugs. Just don’t forget to keep things safe. Have an escort service ready to send everybody home at the end of the night, or, have a few extra mattresses and blankets handy to allow people to stay overnight. Don’t let one party ruin your whole summer. 

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