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Give Your Home a Fresh Look for 2018

January 08, 2018
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It’s that time of the year again where we all make our New Year’s resolutions. Normally they include personal, health and fitness or career goals. This year, why not try starting the year off fresh by redecorating your home!

If the first thought in your mind is in relation with costs and budgets, don’t worry. We have a few excellent, budget-friendly tips to share. Using engraved wood décor for your New Year redecoration can be a trendy yet affordable idea. Why not invest in a stylish wood cutting board from our online store to spruce up your home décor? Turn a cutting board into a chalkboard to jot down your everyday chores or customise it with a funny quote to give your living room a personalized touch. The ideas are countless.

Analyse Each Room

Before you set off to the mall with a lengthy shopping list of new items to buy for your room, we recommend first looking in other rooms of the house to see if any of the items can be transferred into the room of choice. There are many times where we can switch decorations from one room to another that give the house a completely fresh look.

Take a moment to analyse each room you’re looking to redecorate. Ask yourself what is in the room that is displeasing or unappealing? Think of ways to improve the way it looks before buying new items.

Use Engraved Wood

If you feel your entire room has a plain, minimalist look or could do with more decorations and wall-hangings, adding some amazing engraved wood accents to your theme can make such the entire difference.

Give a New Life to Your Home

It’s true that redecorating not only brightens up your home, but also lifts your spirit. Redecorating a single room after several years can make your house look shabby and unfashionable. This is why we suggest redecorating your each room at least once a year to give your home a brand-new and modern look.

Here at Wood Cutting Boards, we work hard to give you custom boards that you love. Make sure to get your next piece of wall art at our online store and get your very own cutting board engraved today!

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