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Foods You Can Put in a Mason Jar

June 15, 2016
Foods You Can Put in a Mason Jar

Mason jars are elegant and easy to carry back and forth to work, school or even take with you on a picnic. Different types of foods can be put in mason jars. The possibilities are endless. Get creative!


Simply try to mix your favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts, and make your own personalized salad. Additionally, a pasta salad is a great lunch choice! Adding a decorative rope to your mason jar makes it appealing.


Pour your drink in a mason jar and add a cute straw. And there you have it! Enjoy your drink. Fruit infused water is healthy and simple to prepare. Simply slice fruits and herbs on a small wood cutting board and add it to a mason jar filled with ice.


Bananas, strawberries, oranges, peaches, smoothies are a simple way to get your daily portion of fruits and vegetables. They’re perfect in the morning rush or also for a snack.


Oatmeal is easy to prepare and they make a healthy breakfast. Think about preparing your oats the night before. They’ll keep well in a mason jar in the fridge during the night.

Dips & Dressings

Even homemade dressings and dips such as hummus and salsa can be put in a mason jar to accompany some crackers and chips.

Cutting Boards USA offer a charming novelty mason jar shaped maple cutting board. This uniquely stylish wood cutting board is ideal for preparing small meals and can also be used as a serving plate. Get yours now!

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