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Five Signs You Might Be Gluten Intolerant

November 11, 2015
Five Signs You Might Be Gluten Intolerant

We have all heard in recent news about the thousands of people becoming intolerant to food products containing gluten. While not everyone suffers from this issue, you might be surprised that you too might be a victim of gluten intolerance.

While some believe that being gluten intolerant only causes digestive issues, you may be surprised to hear that it reaches far beyond the gut.

Five symptoms you may have never linked to gluten intolerance:

  1. Feeling tired, all the time.

If you seem to always feel tired, even after a good night's rest, you just might be feeling the effect of gluten intolerance.

  1. Dizzy spells.

While feeling dizzy might be a sign of many different ailments, those with gluten intolerance also experience dizziness.

  1. Depression and mood swings.

Emotional sensitivity and depression can be a side-effect of gluten intolerance.

  1. Joint pain.

Pain in the knee, fingers, toes and legs can be a sign of inflammation caused by gluten.

  1. Migraine headaches.

If you suffer from re-occurring migraine headaches, you may want to consider eliminating gluten from your diet.

If you suspect that you might be gluten intolerant, it may be time to try an elimination diet. Results should be apparent within 2-3 weeks after eliminating gluten COMPLETELY from your diet.  For this trial to be accurate, do not ’cheat’, and do read your labels carefully.

Preparing food at home is also an easy way to avoid contamination, as well as properly washing any cooking surface that is in contact with gluten. Simply cleaning your wooden cutting board and kitchen counter tops, can often reduce unintentional reactions to food.  

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