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Famous dishes around the world: Part 1

May 22, 2012
Famous dishes around the world: Part 1

We all love to eat. No matter what our nationality or origins, the love of eating is shared by human beings around the world. There is nothing quite like preparing a meal using your favorite wood cutting board and serving it to your friends and family. But have you ever taken the time to wonder, what do people eat in other countries, and what is considered a delicacy in some of the most isolated regions of the world? Well, according to an article written by CNNGO, here are some of the most mouth watering dishes the world has to offer.

Buttered Popcorn, USA

I don’t know about you, but I make it a tradition to get some of this salty, greasy treat whenever I go to the movies. Buttered popcorn is high in calories, but if you switch the butter and salt for parmesan, you get a nice, healthy light snack that won’t go straight to your hips.

Masala dosa, India
Just reading the description of this dish is a mouth watering experience. Masala dosa is a crepe that is stuffed with a mixture of mashed potatoes which is then dipped in a coconut chutney and served with pickles and condiments. It’s a hearty dish that will keep you stuffed for hours.

Seafood Paella, Spain
While in Spain, eating paella is a must. Combining some of the freshest seafood in the world, paella is composed of shrimp, lobster, mussels and cuttlefish served with rice and herbs.

Som Tam, Thailand
Som tam is made from garlic and chilies that have been mashed together in a mortar. Once the paste is ready, other ingredients like tamarind juice, fish sauce, lime juice, tomatoes, sugar cane paste and peanuts are added to the mix and served with a side of sticky white rice.

Poutine, Canada
No one knows for sure who invented this dish, but it is one of the most famous culinary compositions in Canada. While it may not sound appetizing to everyone, poutine is made from French fries and cheese curds that are smothered in brown gravy. The result is a gooey, cheesy bit of happiness that melts in your mouth.

Chili crab, Signapore
Crab can be prepared in many different ways, from crab cakes, to steamed crab and even crab salad, but the chili crab that is prepared in Signapore is by far, one of the best crab dishes you will ever have the chance to eat.

Fish ‘n’ chips, Britain
This meal has been served in homes around Britain since 1860. It is a simple, yet tasty meal of deep fried fish that is served with a side of fries. Lemon juice or tartar sauce can be used over the fish for an extra kick of flavor. 


Stay tuned to our website for part 2 of this article in two weeks. If you have a favorite meal you would like to see included in this article, send us a tweet at @cutting_board and it might be included. 

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