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Easy Snack Ideas to Serve On a Wooden Cutting Board

May 30, 2017
Easy Snack Ideas to Serve On a Wooden Cutting Board

Most people assume that a cutting board is used for cutting, and preparing food only. Surprisingly enough, the use of a cutting board extends far past the simple cutting concept. From signs, to serving plates, there are many different ways to take full advantage of a wooden cutting board. You can try serving food in a fun, and easy way! Here are a few snacks that are absolutely perfect to serve on a board! 

Sweet Treats  

Serving an array of delicious snacks before any meal is always a crowd pleaser. Instead of doing so on a normal plate, switch it up for your wooden cutting board. Simply cut up some delicious fruits like strawberries, pineapple, melon and apples then arrange them accordingly to the shape of your cutting board. Add some yogurt or chocolate in the middle for an extra sweet touch.

Savoury Snacks

For a savoury snack platter, arrange a selection of cheeses such as Brie, Monterrey Jack and of course cheddar around your board. Accompany your cheese with grapes, bread, crackers and nuts for the ultimate tasting variety. If your guests are meat eaters, then add a variety of different salamis for them to try. If their more of a seafood fan, then you can serve shrimp along with a dipping sauce. All of this can be beautifully arranged on a round wood cutting board that provides a rustic and authentic appearance.

Bread and Dip

Cut up a variety of different breads such as seeded, sourdough and fresh baguettes to create a sure crowed pleasure. Serve the bread on a wooden cutting board along with a vinaigrette sauce for a filling entrée. You can provide multiple different dips for the breads such as hummus, salsa and a spicy chilli dip. These are all sauces that will taste delicious next to the choice of breads. If you’re not the biggest fan of bread and want to opt for something healthier, then slice up some different vegetables such as peppers, carrots, cucumbers and broccoli and enjoy with the sauce!

The next time you’re struggling to find a variety of snacks to serve on a platter, then try one of these delicious combination all prepared and presented on a wooden cutting board!

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