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Cooking at home is a bargain

February 03, 2014
Cooking at home is a bargain

Whereas it might be tempting to eat at the restaurant, for many reasons, cooking at home is (and always will be) a must.

Not only is it easy to make it cheaper than going to the restaurant, it is also gathering, comforting, and healthier since you know exactly what is in your plate. Here are a few tips to make the best of it:

  • Taking some time to plan your meals ahead of time is always a winner. Cooking in advance allows you to have something at hand if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to run to the drive-thru.
  • It is quicker to make only one weekly trip to the grocery store rather than going every day or deciding which restaurant to choose from, and cheaper to cook more that you need and freeze leftovers for later, for those occasions you need something dependable real quick..
  • Peeking at weekly flyers is always a good practice too, as well as buying bulk, which allows you to save even more on staples you use regularly.
  • The less transformed a product is, the cheaper it will be. This also means there is less preservatives in it, and that it has been less manipulated. It may mean a little more work, but you know exactly what your family eats.

This being said, cooking is always more fun and efficient when done with the right tools. Any chef will tell you that good quality and sharpened knives are essential, as well as a few good quality cutting board to preserve the blades and working surfaces. More than one is best to avoid cross-contamination, you can get more information here: http://www.fda.gov/Food/ResourcesForYou/HealthEducators/ucm082294.htm.Ours work double time as trivet too!

A maple cutting board is a must in every kitchen. Not only it has multiple uses, it lasts forever, and, when well taken care of, ages beautifully. It can even be displayed in your kitchen decor! Made in USA, FDA approved, they can be customized to the shape and size you need.

To choose your maple cutting board, have a look at our selection!

Wood Cutting Boards, your homegrown source for cutting boards and natural wood products.

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