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The Most Common Mistakes that are Ruining your Cutting Boards

September 29, 2020
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Can’t stop your cutting boards from warping or cracking? Do they constantly have a weird smell, or you’ve noticed that its covered from corner to corner in knife marks?

Today, we have prepared some of the best ways to avoid the common mistakes that almost everyone makes while trying to maintain their hardwood cutting boards, so let’s dive in!

Condition your Board

It is really important to condition your cutting board before using it, simply by adding a decent amount of mineral oil or bee’s wax, or both!

By doing this, your board will become much more resilient to moisture, while at the same time keeping the board well-oiled will help it avoid drying or any unwanted warping.

Spending Tons of Money

Although a lot of people tend to buy pricier products, such as wood balms or other specialized seasoning oils, we highly advise you keep it simple with our mix of bee’s wax and mineral oil or create your own.

The most perfect product for your wooden cutting board would be any mineral oil, it is affordable and extremely easy to use. 

Soaking your Cutting Board

Although it is important that you always clean your board after use, never leave your board soaking in water. Since wood is good at absorbing liquid, you should know that the more you wait, the greater the chance is for your wooden cutting board to build up the internal moisture that can eventually make your board warp, crack or even become a hot spot for harmful bacteria.

It is always important to dry your board thoroughly in an upright position and to apply a small portion of conditioner to keep it in good condition. 

The Dishwasher

Never wash a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher. Not only will your board become over-saturated due to the amount of water, it will also dry out the wood because of the extreme heat that dishwashers produce to dry.

It will take only a small amount of your time to wash your board manually, but you will definitely secure its durability by doing so. 

Taking the time to properly care for your hardwood cutting board is the best thing you can do to ensure prevention of wear and tear. For more information on maintaining your engraved cutting boards, check out our care and maintenance page.

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