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Believe or not! Diets so weird they can’t be true.

September 21, 2012
Believe or not! Diets so weird they can’t be true.

I try to eat healthy. I limit the amount of fatty foods in my diet and I try to chop up some veggies on my cutting board and eat them almost every single day. I think I’m healthy enough, but, like most people, I could use to lose some weight. Out of sheer curiosity, I typed in a search engine the words “weird diets” and some of the trends I found sound so bizarre, they cannot be true...but sadly, they are.

Feel satisfied by eating...worms
Well, technically, you are not eating the worms; you are swallowing pills that contain parasitic tapeworms. Known around the world as the “tapeworm diet”, adepts of this bizarre practice believe that the tapeworms they ingest will attach themselves to their stomach and eat some of their food, reducing the host’s calorie intake. Doctors warn dieters to steer clear of this diet. A tapeworm is a parasite that will grow inside a host body, meaning that they can do a lot of damage or even kill the poor person who is just trying to shed a few extra pounds.

Sleeping beauty...lose weight by sleeping it off
Lose weight by sleeping. It sounds too good to be true right? That’s because it is. People who follow the rules dictated by the “Sleeping Beauty Diet” sedate themselves to sleep all day for several days in row. The result is an unhealthy weight loss that was mainly due to starvation. Not only that, but since you have to take a massive amount of pills in order to stay under for so long, you risk being victim to an overdose...and you might never wake up.

Pretend eating with real food
Now this diet is just silly. Remember when you were a child. Maybe your sister had a little tea set and you would happily eat pretend food and drink pretend tea along with her. Well, the “Air Diet” could almost be considered the grown up version of this childhood game. Pretend eaters actually cook a meal for themselves, take spoonfuls of food, bring them to their mouths, and put the food back in their plates. They claim that by pretending to eat real food, they feel full and satisfied. If you do feel a little peckish in between “pretend meals”, fear not! You can snack on the recommended “water soup” which is nothing more than a bowl of water and salt...satisfying!

Stuff yourself with cotton balls to feel stuffed
If you ever wondered what it’s like to feel like a stuffed animal, then this is the diet for you. Popular among models, this diet consists of ingesting cotton balls in order to feel full and satisfied. The only problem is cotton is not meant to be digested by the human body and it can leave you feeling ill for quite some time. It’s always a good idea to add more fiber to your diet, but you might want to try eating more whole grains before turning to cotton balls.

In the end, remember the motto “all good things in moderation”. You’re allowed to eat a slice of chocolate cake or partake in a wine and cheese tasting soiree with your friends, only if you don’t indulge in those delicacies too often. Eat leaner meats like fish and chop up a salad on your cutting board once in a while and you will stay happy and healthy and in the end, that’s all that matters!

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