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2013 Big Apple BBQ Block Party

June 03, 2013
2013 Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Put away the raincoats and umbrellas, it’s time for New York’s biggest and baddest BBQ party ever! The Big Apple BBQ Party takes place this weekend, June 8-9th, in Madison Square Park, New York City. Sure to be a ton of fun, block party style, this major BBQ-fest is geared for the whole family, and features some of the nation’s top BBQ chefs.


The 2013 barbeque Pit-masters come from all over the United States, and bring with them their secret recipes, BBQ tricks, and tantalizing dishes. Turning the downtown park into a melting pot of flavors and smells, along with some great music and entertainment, this block party is sure to be a blast.

If you’re in the neighbourhood this weekend, pop on by Madison Square Park, and taste some of the best doggone BBQ food ever! Go online to get your tickets before they’re all gone!


If you can’t make it, fire up your own barbeque this weekend with Wood Cutting Boards’s BBQ Tips:

Bring your meat to room temperature before throwing it on the grill. Warning here: Make sure your meat is clean, quality, and free of potentially harmful bacteria! Don’t leave it out for hours at a time, but do let the chill come off it before you start cooking it. This is a great tip for any cooking method for meat, as it allows more even cooking and shorter cooking times.


Pre-heat the BBQ! Maybe obvious for some, you’d be surprised how few people actually thoroughly preheat their BBQ’s before grilling! Take the time to go out and light it up twenty minutes before you’re planning on cooking. Just before you put the meat on, and once it is good and hot, give the grill a good scrub with a wire brush. It is really easy to clean your grill after it is hot, and the fire burns up the excess buildup when you scrape it off.


Resist the urge to play with your food. Don’t be constantly poking, prodding, flipping and squashing your meats! All it does is make you lose the juiciness, and prevents you from getting that tasty carmelized crust that only comes from the BBQ. You really only need to flip once, maybe twice. Cook the first side thoroughly, once you see the edges cooking, flip. Finish it off without squashing them flat! Unless you prefer dried out burgers. Then squash on!


Honor food safety practices! It’s funny how people seem to lose common food safety practices when cooking on the barbeque! But make sure you are following important practices like hand washing, keeping cold foods cold, and hot ones hot, don’t leave foods out in the sun, and avoid cross contaminating raw meats with uncooked foods like veggie platters and breads! Have one cutting board for your raw meats, and use a different cutting board for veggies etc. Also transfer cooked meats on a clean platter, not the one you brought them out to the grill on!


Having the right tools and gear makes cooking a pleasure. Be sure to check out our beautiful wooden cutting boards and get grilling in style! You can even have them custom laser engraved if you like.

Wood Cutting Boards, your homegrown source for cutting boards and natural wood products.

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