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10 Healthy Snacks

January 29, 2016
10 Healthy Snacks

Whether it's for losing weight or improving your overall nutritional intake, it is imperative that you develop healthy snack habits for you and your family. These ten healthy snacks are ideal for everyone!

  1. Fresh fruits

    Eating fresh fruits is one of the safest and healthiest ways to satisfy those in-between meal hunger cravings that can totally impair your nutritional plan. You can add sliced fruit to salads or you can simply eat as a standalone snack.
  2. Vegetables

    The reason that vegetables make great snacks is the fact that they are high in nutritional content and fiber, while being low in calories. Vegetables, such as baby carrots sticks and peppers are ideal for snacking. Why not buy them fresh and prepare them on one of our wood cutting board?
  3. Health bars

    Health bars can be a good snack choice, because they are often formulated to contain the ideal amount of vitamins and nutrients in order to ensure a healthy balance of engredients. However, it is important to select health bars wisely because not all bars deemed healthy are actually healthful.
  4. Nuts

    One of the key issues associated with snacking is portion control. No matter how healthy a food may be, if you consume too much of it at one time, it becomes unhealthy. This trap of overconsumption can be avoided by purchasing single-serving nut packages or serving bowls for recommended quantity, it's all about balance.
  5. Cheese

    If you are a dairy lover, having a well-proportioned cheese snack on hand is always a good idea. Cheese provides both, calcium and protein.
  6. Whole Grain Crackers

    A good, healthy alternative to fried chips is whole grain crackers, which deliver the same crunchy texture, while providing a higher nutrient content.
  7. Smoothies

    Another very healthy alternative is a smoothie, not only can a nutritious smoothie provide the nutrients that are necessary to sustain energy during the day.
  8. Yogurt

    Yogurt serves a great breakfast to help a person start off their day, and it is also a great snack option. Greek yogurt is high in protein, and it comes in a number of different flavours to satisfy almost every taste bud.
  9. Cereals

    While not all cereals are a healthy choice for a snack, there are some very good choices that can help you with those in-between meal urges. Look for cereals that are rich in fiber and whole grain.
  10. Water is essential!

    You may be thinking water is not nutritious; however, water is the most essential element of life, and it is 100 percent calorie free. Water is an awesome way to eliminate hunger cravings.

By choosing a healthy snack supplement, it is helping you manage your food consumption, subsequently allowing you to effectively maintain your weight.

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