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10 gift ideas for the cook on your list

November 19, 2010

Well now that you are nearly done prepping and eating your Thanksgiving dinner, it is already time to begin contemplating that next all important holiday… As you read this, you are likely looking at less than 30 days before you will be expected to be wowing friends, family and, most importantly, your life mate, with a fabulous gift. Every year, as you stand in line at the register along with all the other last minute shoppers, you vow that next year will be different. Next year you will shop ONLINE! Whether it is a gift certificate, hardwood cutting boards or a red gas range, nearly anything and everything can be purchased online. So, this year, enjoy your shopping as you sit by the fire place, sipping your hot chocolate. To help you out, here are some modest gift suggestions for the favourite cook on your list.

  1. A recipe magazine subscription. You know the one, the magazine that your friend or mom always seems to pick up at the grocery store. Have it shipped to them directly that way they will be able to enjoy the recipes throughout the year.
  2. A basket filled with spices. Nothing like fresh new spices to add a flavour kick to any recipe!
  3. A walnut wood cutting board and cutting board oil set. A quality wooden cutting board ensures the chef’s knives will stay sharp. Perhaps a large cutting board for shopping and prepping, and a whimsical decorative cutting board for serving cheese and crackers; or even, a pig cutting board or an apple cutting board …how fun!
  4. A new apron and oven mitt set. Seems that we are often too busy to spoil ourselves, and yet, things that we use on a daily basis are sometimes forgotten. Why not add a touch of colour and whimsicality to your favourite cook’s kitchen?
  5. A pastry bag and full set of tips. Not just to use for cake decorating, but for piping just about anything from perogies to cookies.
  6. A wooden spoon set. There is nothing like a quality maple wood spoon set to be able to alternate between stirring your soup and mixing your cooking dough without fumbling for a clean utensil.
  7. A themed recipe book. Anything from a Christmas cookie book to Spicy Cooking 101. Today there is a recipe book for everything and everyone, seek it, you will likely find it!
  8. Fresh coffee beans and tea. Give your cook a reason to “Take 5” and enjoy a nice cup of fresh brewed coffee or tea.
  9. A gift card from their favourite cooking accessory store. Remember, cooking is very personal. Offering a gift card allows them to individually choose the perfect match for their needs and their kitchen!
  10. A cookbook holder. Not only will your favourite cook always have their latest recipe on hand, the cookbook holder allows them to use both hands to focus on the veggies that are being sliced and diced on the cutting board as opposed to pages in the cookbook!

So, whether you are shopping for the beginner or the professional chef in your life, there is certainly something useful and new that could add a fresh outlook to their cooking life. Shop online, from the comfort and warmth of your home. Cutting Board USA offers a wide selection of maple cutting boards and walnut cutting boards from round cutting boards to cow cutting boards. Inquire about our wholesale cutting boards!

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