The Reasons Why Walnut Is More Expensive

The Reasons Why Walnut Is More Expensive

Walnut wood is classed as a hardwood because of it's high durability factor and straight grain, listed below are the reasons why Walnut hardwood is more expensive than most softwood and most hardwood.

Why is Walnut Wood so Expensive?

Following are the reasons why Walnut wood is expensive.

  • The tree takes around 50 years to mature, it is longer than most other trees.
  • It is in high demand due to its desired characteristics such as durability, strength or aesthetic making it one of the best wood species around.
  • The tree only grows in certain regions worldwide.
  • Can last a lifetime if taken care of correctly.

Why is Wood in General Expensive?

There are many reasons as to why wood prices in general have gone up in the last years. Forest fires that happen across the world can affect lumber prices, trade disputes between countries can also affect wood prices. Another problem that drove lumber prices up is the whole Covid-19 pandemic, it has caused labor shortages everywhere and thus decreased the supply of lumber worldwide. There is currently supply chain issues globally and a high demand in wood, this means that every uptick in wood demand will drive the lumber prices in general up.

Wood is used for many purposes, including making cutting boards, so a rising demand in one category such as wood needed for home renovations rises the price for all wood, regardless of where it will end up.

To conclude, the reason as to why Walnut is expensive boils down to supply and demand.

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